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Here's where I finally try to give something back after all these years leeching other's code and stuff off the net. I hope you find these of use.
This is a PERL program I wrote recently after I moved a whole bunch of sites to a hosting service that doesn't provide SSH access. (Those Windows people will persist in using mixed case...)

Execute it with the "--manual" option to find out how to use it. Windows users will need a copy of Perl to run it.

This page comes in handy for figuring out what combinations of up to three standard resistors will give a specified resistance.

EIA Resistor Calculator

If you are into temperature monitoring with 1-Wire DS81S20 Temperature Sensors and use the RRDtool: Round Robin Database Tool along with Systemgraph or some variation you might find this monthly summary graphing of interest. It's currently undocumented but if you've figured out RRDTool and Systemgraph you shouldn't have any trouble at all using this.


If you like any of these programs, find them useful, or can improve on them or suggest improvements, please let me know.

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