"Alice In Wonderland"

Chess Set

This chess set was sculpted by Dr. Graeme Anthony of Melbourne, Australia, in 1983. The pieces are based on the Sir John Tenniel illustrations for the first editions of "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" (1865) and "Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there." (1871).

Tenniel, the original illustrator of Carroll's books, was a caricaturist for Punch. Many of his illustrations in "Alice" were based on famous people of the times.

These images are of Set Number 5 of the 5th Edition of fifty sets.

I've recently discovered that this set represents the second configuration Graeme Anthony produced. The first had many more characters - like the "Alice 125" exhibition set - but was found to be far too difficult and expensive to produce (the Jabberwocky alone must have a nightmare job), so the set was condensed to the one you see here. I'd love to get my hands on a first series set. (I have all this from an e-mail from someone who claimed their girlfriend's parents had one. I told him to marry the girl!).

Full Board

Silver Pieces

Bronze Pieces





Alice Pawn

Caterpillar Pawn

Walrus Pawn

White Rabbit Pawn

The White Knight

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