Chess Sets

Please note that these are my personal collections.
I am not a dealer and these items are not for sale; nor am I
interested in offers of items for sale. So please do not contact
me with offers to sell, buy or swap. If you have something you really
truly believe in your heart of hearts that I would be interested in,
please read my trade policy before contacting me.

I have a number of smaller chess sets - for travelling or for ordinary use - but you've seen the standard shapes, so I won't bother showing them.
I also have some Chinese Chess sets, but haven't got around to scanning them yet.
"Alice In Wonderland"
"The Simpsons"
"The Simpsons" (Edition 2)
"Incas vs. Spaniards" (CAA)
"WIC" (Hong Kong)
Small Garden Set ("Rolly Toys")
Small Table Set (CAA)
Wooden Portable Set (CAA)
Plastic Portable Set (Hong Kong)

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