2000 A.D.

featuring Judge Dredd

This collection shows the effects of Australian supply problems. Before 1988 2000 A.D. was only available in specialist comic shops. First the Fleetway/Quality Comics magazines turned up, then the Weekly and Monthly UK editions in 1989. Since then the supply has occasionally been stopped due to changes in local supplier, air freight costs and other reasons.

In February 2002 I gave up on local newsagents and subscribed, so I have every issue of the Weekly and Megazine since then.

Recently (June 2010) I picked up an almost complete set from Prog 87 - Prog 500. With that and a few forays into eBay I've pretty much managed to fill in all the gaps in the collection.

January 2012: The Weekly collection is now complete! At least, from the Star Lord / Tornado beginning. I do not have actual 2000AD Progs 1 - 86 and don't expect to anytime soon..

Other Fleetway & 2000 AD Editions

Fleetway Comics published B4 format magazines using the original 2000 A.D. artwork with added colouring. They were commonly available in Sydney in the late 'eighties. They seem to have disappeared. Fleetway (UK) also published a number of comics series within the 2000 A.D. 'stable'. Revolver and Crisis were two of them.

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