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Revolver was a very short-lived 'groovy' outlet for the 2000 A.D. artists. It had a great Dan Dare story written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Rian Hughes which eventually concluded in Crisis. Revolver folded after the seventh issue.

Excerpt from the "Outro", Revolver No.1 July 1990

Why Revolver?

"Because what goes around comes around, and looking out my window it appears to be 1966 again (which means - with any luck - we should be in for a couple of good years ahead of us). Because maybe - just maybe - comics might now occupy the slot that rock music used to. Because everything is cyclical and nothing lasts forever (goodbye Maggie). Because the '90s are '60s upside down (and let's do it right, this time). Because love is all and love is everything and this is not dying. Any more stupid questions?" - Peter K. Hogan

Excerpt from "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen", Revolver No.7 January 1991

"Now is the time to yield a sigh, good people, 'cause this is the last issue of Revolver. We have absolutely no regrets about this little magazine, and in hindsight there's nothing we would change.
[...] as far as we're concerned, Revolver was a success. A lot of you thought so too, but according to the men with the pocket calculators, there just wasn't enough of you. And so we check into the Hotel Oblivion, where Strange Days and Warrior are already propping up the bar. At least we'll be in good company." - Peter K. Hogan


In 1989 I was working in North Sydney and a few 2000 A.D.'s had turned up at a local newsagent. I asked them if they could get a regular subscription for me. After a few weeks I went in and they gave me my "2000 A.D. magazine". It wasn't the Judge Dredd weekly, but Crisis. A small logo in the top left corner said "2000 AD Presents", so I couldn't really complain. I'd simply asked for "2000 AD".

Crisis was for a while subtitled "Third World War". The stories dealt primarily with planetary concerns: environmental, technological and societal problems. "Finn The Ecoterrorist" - eventually featuring in 2000 AD Weekly - first appeared in Crisis. One of my favourite stories in Crisis is called "Troubled Souls"; about ordinary people in working-class Belfast getting caught up in the 'troubles'. The most memorable story is "The Soldier and the Farmer" set in Cambodia during the reign of Pol Pot.

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