Chris Gillings' Collections

Musical Instruments

Please note that these are my personal collections.
I am not a dealer and these items are not for sale; nor am I
interested in offers of items for sale. So please do not contact
me with offers to sell, buy or swap. If you have something you really
truly believe in your heart of hearts that I would be interested in,
please read my trade policy before contacting me.

I have a number on instruments, most of which I can play (after a fashion). The following are the more interesting ones.
Framus Double Bass
I was given this the Christmas I completed University. It's an unusual 'cutaway' full size bass which I find hard to believe is a Stradivarius copy.
Chinese Banjo
This was bought in the Music Department of the SEAPark store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1980. No-one had any idea of its price and eventually someone said "Thirty ringgit", which at the time was AU$15.00. I couldn't resist.
This was made by George Jungnwangga of the Weemol people, who live around Katherine in the Northern Territory. It's pretty big and needs strong lungs to operate.
Purchased at the WOMAD Festival in Adelaide, 1994. A sweet little instrument.
Mbira Dzavadzimu
This was also purchased at WOMAD. I drove my companions nuts with my incessant plucking of these two pieces.

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