Chris Gillings' Trade Policy

My collections exist for my enjoyment rather than for any perceived current or future economic benefit. I don't really want to know how valuable things are (or aren't), as I often find the money value of an object is far less than its aesthetic or sentimental value.

So, with differing international exchange rates, postage costs and other factors being involved I am really not interested in accepting money for my collectibles. They're not for sale anyway. If you are interested in something I have, please offer me in exchange something I have an interest in. Please also keep in mind that I may not be at all interested in what you may offer.

I will consider interesting items offered to me for sale, though converting currency, obtaining money orders, etc. is something I generally dislike doing.

For the genuinely keen, the following are items I have been trying to obtain for some time.

Face Wristwatch

"Dudley Do-Right of the Canadian Mounties"

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