Please note that these are my personal collections.
I am not a dealer and these items are not for sale; nor am I
interested in offers of items for sale. So please do not contact
me with offers to sell, buy or swap. If you have something you really
truly believe in your heart of hearts that I would be interested in,
please read my trade policy before contacting me.

I'm not a dedicated or fanatical yoyo collector. This collection is a sentimental one: many of these yoyos I actually bought and used from new. Others have been given to me by various people over the years. I have decided to restrict 'serious' collecting to yoyos that were retailed in Australia prior to the mid-nineteen-eighties (and maybe earlier). Any yoyos here which do not fit that criteria are offered for trade only and are marked with an asterisk(*). Unfortunately I no longer have any duplicates, having traded all of them.

"Genuine Russell" Yo-Yos

1. Coca-Cola "Super" *     2. Coca-Cola "Super"
3. Coca-Cola "Butterfly"     4. Coca-Cola "Championship"
5. Coca-Cola "Championship"
6. Coca-Cola "Championship" *     7. Coca-Cola "Super Pro"
8. Coca-Cola 1984 L.A. Olympics
9. Sprite "Special Spin"     10. Fanta "Super"
11. Fanta "Championship"     12. Fanta "Championship"
13. Fanta "Championship"     14. Coca-Cola "Bottle-Cap Beginner"
15. Coca-Cola "Beginner"     16. Coca-Cola Limited Edition
17. Coca-Cola Super (Made in South Africa) *
18. Coca-Cola Special Spin

Other Yo-Yos

"Moose" Choc-Wedge *     "Moose" Life-Savers *    
Superman *     Rosella Soup (Metal c.1940s)
Battery-operated, lights up. *

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